Welcome to the new Freight Carriers Association of Canada website.


Welcome to the new Freight Carriers Association of Canada website.

Welcome to our newly launched website. The current website is in beta mode, which means that some functionality may not be working.

NOTE: If you have any feedback about the site or the fuel index, please fill out our feedback form.

Answers to common questions

What is the username for my FCA account?
Your username is your e-mail address that you receive the fuel index updates with. If you are logging into your FCA account for the very first time, use the password reset tool to setup a password.

How can I update my fuel index subscription preferences?
You can update your fuel index subscription preferences by logging in, and editing your personal details under My Preferences.

Can I receive the fuel index updates in French?
By updating your subscription details under My Preferences you can select the language of the fuel index update that you receive.

I have feedback on the site. How can I send it to you?
Please fill out our feedback form.

How can I add additional fuel index subscribers from our company?
If you are the administrative contact, you can add additional subscribers to the fuel index by going to your My Preferences area of the site. You can add up to 5 subscribers. If you would like to add more, you will have to contact us.

SMC³ Welcomes Supply Chain Experts, Leaders to Jump Start 2019

ATLANTA – Norfolk Southern’s Jeff Heller; Terry Matthews, executive vice president of intermodal at J.B. Hunt; and JLL’s Walter Kemmsies are among the supply chain technology and transportation industry thought leaders slated to speak during the Jump Start 2019 conference at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta. The event will be held January 28-30.

To register, visit

Logistics and supply chain education take center stage during the event, which attracts a broad spectrum of middle-to-senior-level decision makers responsible for the seamless movement of domestic and foreign freight. One of transportation’s most anticipated educational and networking forums, the conference features targeted sessions populated by renowned thought leaders.

Jump Start 2019 brings together more than 35 industry experts, who will discuss topics from the ELD mandate and transportation optimization to the latest in blockchain technology. Don Ratajczak and Kemmsies will be on hand to provide guests with detailed pictures of the current economy, explain how global tariffs are impacting commerce and a discuss NAFTA’s place in the modern world.

In addition to the high-quality, strategic content, the Jump Start 2019 agenda features more than 15 dedicated hours of networking opportunities so attendees can cultivate new business relationships and discuss current supply chain pain points.

“We bring panelists to our conferences who can concisely and completely present real-world supply chain trends and detail how conference attendees can utilize technology solutions to address transportation challenges,” according to SMC³ President and CEO Andrew Slusher. “Over the years of presenting two annual conferences, we’ve learned that attendees benefit not only from these compelling panels, but also the targeted networking breaks and meeting opportunities.”

SMC³ Releases Canadian LTL Rating Solution, Updates CzarLite Rates


ATLANTA – SMC³ will soon unveil a new tool in its CzarLite family of products that provides shippers, 3PLs and other industry stakeholders an unrivaled base rate for shipments traveling within Canada.

With the addition of CzarLite IntraCanada on October 22, SMC³ will commence providing LTL base rates for the entirety of North America, helping customers optimize the carrier-selection process through carrier price negotiations based off a neutral rating reference.

To build the new rating system, SMC³’s data scientists added intelligence to information previously provided by the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. The optimized rating solution will be a valuable tool for shippers and 3PLs looking to manage their intra-Canadian supply chain needs. Customers can now receive CzarLite data for intra-country moves within Canada and Mexico, as well as cross-border shipments.

“Adding the new solution to SMC³’s array of best-in-class LTL products allows customers that ship intra-Canadian freight to benefit from the reliable, industry-standard baseline rates that make up the CzarLite family of products,” said Brian Thompson, chief commercial officer of SMC³. “Customers look to SMC³ for unrivaled rating intelligence, and we will continue to earn their trust by providing technology products that help propel the supply chain forward.”

SMC³ also will update the data for CzarLite XL and MexicoLite Intra on October 22. The company will update the data for CzarLite on September 24. The overall impact to CzarLite rates will be a 5.9-percent increase within the continental U.S., a 6.5-percent increase for shipments between the U.S. and Canada, and a 6-percent increase for shipments moving between the U.S. and Mexico. IntraCanada rates will rise by 6.5 percent, with the market adjustment for MexicoLite resulting in a 6-percent increase.

SMC³ annually updates its CzarLite family of products – the industry’s premier LTL base rate solutions. Updating CzarLite involves computations that reflect U.S. motor carriers’ operating expenses – costs that include geographic labor variations; speed, weight and restricted road limits; chronic head-haul imbalances; and other factors.

The foundation of SMC³’s base rates is CzarLite XL, the industry’s most advanced rating baseline. CzarLite XL incorporates modern market freight flow patterns and high-cost areas, reflecting the present-day economic and geographic complexities of North American’s many regions. The backbone of CzarLite XL is an innovative market model created by SMC³ data scientists that resulted from analysis of 116.8 million freight bills from 33 of the largest LTL carriers, a data set unique to SMC³.

About SMC³
SMC³ is the one-stop knowledge hub for LTL technology, data and education. The API-powered SMC³ Platform fuels TMS applications with unrivaled LTL analytical capabilities and shipment visibility data. As the single integration point for all carrier, rate, transit and service information, SMC³ solutions travel beyond simple connectivity and empower shippers, 3PLs and carriers to collaborate and optimize decision making throughout the entire LTL lifecycle. Thousands of industry trading partners rely on SMC³ solutions to make informed business decisions, achieve higher returns on their transportation investment and meet ever-changing market demands.

Media Contact
Beth Malik
Director of Marketing
Office: (770) 486-5823

Ontario To Cancel Cap and Trade tax

Premier Doug Ford Announces the End of the Cap-and-Trade Carbon Tax Era in Ontario

Fulfilment of election promise is the first step toward reducing gas prices by 10 cents per litre

July 3, 2018 10:37 A.M.

TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford today confirmed that, as the first order of business of Ontario’s Government for the People, his cabinet revoked the regulation that punishes Ontario residents at the gas pump through a wasteful cap-and-trade carbon tax regime; this measure comes into effect July 3, 2018. In order to fulfill this election commitment, the Government of Ontario will immediately begin an orderly wind-down of all programs funded out of cap-and-trade carbon tax revenues.

“Every cent spent from the cap-and-trade slush fund is money that has been taken out of the pockets of Ontario families and businesses,” said Ford. “We believe that this money belongs back in the pockets of people. Cancelling the cap-and-trade carbon tax will result in lower prices at the gas pump, on your home heating bills and on virtually every other product that you buy.”

According to the Auditor General, who conducted an audit of the program, the cap-and-trade system could cost Ontario consumers and businesses $8 billion, with a negligible impact on the province’s carbon emissions.

“Cap-and-trade and carbon tax schemes are no more than government cash grabs that do nothing for the environment, while hitting people in the wallet in order to fund big government programs,” said Ford. “I promised that the party with taxpayers’ dollars was over and that this would include scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon tax slush fund. Today we are keeping that promise.”

To ensure an orderly wind-down of programs funded through the cap-and-trade carbon tax, Ford committed that his government will honour arrangements where contracts have already been signed and orders have already been made, such as energy efficient insulation and window retrofits. Decisions to continue any specific initiatives currently supported by the fund will need to be paid for out of the tax base and will be made on a case-by-case basis in alignment with the Ford government’s Plan For the People and the upcoming value-for-money audit.

“We are getting Ontario out of the carbon tax business,” concluded Ford. “Our focus will be to give people lower gas prices, lower energy bills and a real break in their wallets in order to get our economy going and create jobs. Help is here.”

FCA/NATC Software and base rates move to SMC3

Freight Carriers Association of Canada (FCA) has sold its benchmark base rates for both Canada Domestic and Cross-Border traffic as well as all software and related intellectual property rights to SMC3 (Southern Motor Carrier Association). FCA will work with SMC3 to provide a smooth transition for our customers, and SMC3 will continue to support FCA software users. Continue reading “FCA/NATC Software and base rates move to SMC3”