Answers to common questions

What is the username for my FCA account?
Your username is your e-mail address that you receive the fuel index updates with. If you are logging into your FCA account for the very first time, use the password reset tool to setup a password.

How can I update my fuel index subscription preferences?
You can update your fuel index subscription preferences by logging in, and editing your personal details under My Preferences.

Can I receive the fuel index updates in French?
By updating your subscription details under My Preferences you can select the language of the fuel index update that you receive.

I have feedback on the site. How can I send it to you?
Please fill out our feedback form.

How can I add additional fuel index subscribers from our company?
If you are the administrative contact, you can add additional subscribers to the fuel index by going to your My Preferences area of the site. You can have up to 5 subscribers.